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Here is What We Do:

Our general lending criteria are as follows:

  • Minimum property value after works of £50,000

  • Lending locations through England and Wales

  • Clients: companies incorporated offshore or in the UK, foreign passport holders who have a residential connection with the United Kingdom, and UK citizens.


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Our fast bridging finance solution specialises in providing short term property finance solutions to individuals, professional advisors, investors, intermediaries, and property developers. We provide fast bridging secured loans to property investors as a short term finance solution for their development needs. All our loans are secured for between one month and one year on residential investment property. We are able to lend to individuals, companies, and partnerships from £25,000 to £5m, at market leading rates.

The bridging loans are considerably simpler and quicker to arrange than other conventional loans and mortgages for residential investment property. Among the advantages to work with us are included the speed and flexibility of our personal service. We take an entrepreneurial and pragmatic approach assessing each lending case on its own criteria and merits. As consequence of the advantages of working with us, a large share of our business comes from repeat clients.

What we do

Our fast bridging finance solutions group strives to attain the highest  standards of individual attention and courtesy, fairness and business ethics. We provide a competitive lending service at market leading rates, with no professional fees at cost, no expiry, exit, or extension fees, no up-front fees, and no daily interest.

Each loan is assessed by a case manager on it individual merits and can be customised to meet specific client requirements. Our loans size ranges from £25k to £5m and up to 70 per cent of the loan is open market value. We don’t charge up-front of exit fees. We charge a fixed 1 per
cent arrangement fee and our first charge rates start from 1.25% pcm with a daily interest calculation. The loan duration varies between one month and one year. We offer features such as retained interest option. Since some of our clients have significant equity in either a second property or their home we are able to provide up to 100 per cent of the funding required by applying a first charge on the purchased property and a second charge on the additional security. In general, we do not lend as a stand-alone transaction only on a second charge basis.

Why use Bridging Finance?

Bridging finance provides short-term secured loans that have different criteria and can be arranged faster than conventional long term funding. The bridging loan is mainly a very short term mortgage, and needs to be secured properly like any mortgage. You can use bridging finance for a variety of purposes:

  • Auction Funding

  • Property Refurbishment

  • Fast Property Purchase

  • Fast Capital Raising

  • Chain breaking

Our finance house is able to take security over residential investment property throughout Wales, Scotland, and England.

How it works

Our finance house aims to provide our clients with an easy and flexible lending process. You can contact us in a number of ways. Here is how the lending process works for s bridging loan with our finance house:

· Stage 1. Quick Enquiry – you will need to complete a relevant quick enquiry form on our website for a prompt decision in principle. You may alternatively email us or give us a call. With dealing with an application for loan or simple enquiry we do not charge any up-front fees.

· Stage 2. Application and Valuation – after receiving a decision in principle, for proceeding further with your loan application you have to complete the PDF application form on our website. You will also need to sign the completed form and send it through the post. While we are waiting for the signed application form you can email us or fax us a copy for approval. Our clients are also required to provide identity documentation.

· Stage 3. Offer Letter – after the approval of your application form and valuation, we will send to your solicitors a legal pack and a formal Offer Letter

· Stage 4. Solicitors – we usually instruct our solicitors upon issuing the Offer Letter, but depending on the urgency of the loan and the borrower’s preference, we can also instruct our solicitors at any stage in the process.

· Stage 5. Completion – once all the legal work is completed and all necessary documentation has been received, we will proceed to transfer the borrower’s money into their solicitors account. Why use us? Our fast bridging finance solutions group provides many advantages for our clients:

• Speed – we can approve a loan within the hour and transfer the funds within a week from the initial enquiry.

• Simplicity – we offer fast funding in a simple and straightforward way. Our fast short term loans minimize the need of necessary documentation. We do not require profit projections or business plans and you will speak directly to a decision maker.

• Transparency – we provide total clarity of lending terms, including full loan illustrations at the outset of a transaction. By detailing all costs up-front we are enabling intermediaries to make meaningful product comparisons and our clients to make an informed choice.

• Flexibility – we asses each lending case on its own merits.

• Rates & terms – we do no charge up-front fees, redemption fees, exit fees, or expiry fees. We practice flat fees, with no any hidden costs. Rather than calculating the interest monthly we calculated it daily, so you will not be charged for 2 months interest if you borrow for one
month and one day. Our interest rate is highly competitive. Rather than lending on a forced sale figure we lend against the property’s open market value.

• Service – we strive to provide a great customer experience and a personalised service, tailored to your particular needs. All intermediaries and clients are assigned a case manager, a decision maker who takes care of the case through to completion. We take pride in providing a fast and consistent decision making process with minimal paperwork.

Property not acceptable as a security includes:

  • 100 per cent timber construction

  • Concrete construction

  • Steel frame construction

  • Right to Buy

  • Flats above food premises

  • Freehold flats

  • Occupancy restrictions such as retirement flats

  • Not fully owned by borrower, for example shared ownership

  • Property less than 10 years old without architects certificate or Municipal guarantees

  • Unacceptable security for structural issues.

  • Holiday Lets


Fast, affordable bridging finance

We’ll give your client access to a range of bridging loans tailored to their needs, with long-term mortgage facilities available to provide a solution.

  • Strives to attain the highest standards

  • Provides short-term secured loans

  • Dependable, Effective Bridging Finance

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